Family Teams Take on TeleMatch Roblox at HDB Void Deck

Family Teams Take on TeleMatch Roblox at HDB Void Deck

This March school holidays Thursday (16 Mar 2023) morning, we went to the void deck of Blk 703 in Bedok Reservoir. We played TeleMatch Roblox: Super Striker League. We arrived to an empty void deck and started setting up the tables and chairs. Yes, it is the tables that sit on a X-stand and has a top that sits on top of it. The chairs are the plastic white chairs that we are used to for quick setup events. We are so thankful that there was a constant wind that blows through the whole area. The actual playground next to the void deck became a nice break in between games for some of the participants.

The only challenge, projectors did not work well so instruction slides were provided through WhatsApp. Helpers had to walk the teams through the first and second rounds. After that, all the participants got into the groove of things and had a blast. Go to our Facebook Album for some photos taken during the day.


Congratulations to the winning teams:
Champions: YNWA [Elmer & Titus]
1st Runner-Up: Skyline Boys [Riki & Michael]
2nd & 3rd Runner-Ups: Primal Power [Peng Koon & Darius] and Go Givers [Carson & Zarahn]

Teams YNWA and Skyline Boys put up such a tough fight where the scores went from 1-1 to 2-2, then 3-3, 4-4, and then with overtime. Skyline Boys was in blue tees and YNWA was in red! Truly blue team vs red team. It was lovely to have the teams to gather around them and watch them play. We were commenting that the fathers and sons have similar expressions when they were so engrossed in winning the game. There were also mothers and daughters teams who did really well too! It was so encouraging to see parents who in the first round was completely new to Roblox became an expert by the 3rd round, creating parties and lobbies for the following games.

Sincere Appreciation

We also had a pleasant surprise. MP Gerald Giam dropped us an unplanned visit, in time to watch the finals and present the prizes to the winners!

Special thanks to Mdm Sandy who host us at the void deck with a license which otherwise would not have been possible. Also provided us the tables, chairs and electrical point, topping it up with a big box of cupcakes, puffs and pastries. Email them for tents, tables, chairs etc rental at [email protected]

Of course to our long-time prize sponsor Aftershock for the cool laptop bags that the winners appreciate. 

Also a special shout out to Carson, a father who championed this round of TeleMatch which otherwise would not have happened. A big thank you to friends who helped out in one way or another. To media, organisations and companies who came all the way to Bedok Reservoir to lend your support, deep appreciation for believing what we do. To see all the smiles, laughters among families with new friends made, it is worth our work and efforts!


A big thank you to Carson and Singapore One for having all the memories in a video. It was a really fun time together! 


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