The Start of TeleTrip

TeleTrip started as a dream to teleport gamers outside of Singapore to have a different gaming experience in 2018 by Pauline and Ruth of SOOS OIO LLP

The fun of gaming with friends in person is hardly experienced as the comfort of gaming at home increases. The desire to gather gamers to come together physically to game socially was the beginning of TeleTrip. In 2018, there was no gaming arena in Singapore. The idea of making a trip out of Singapore to game in gaming arenas excited us. We started putting together the first ever TeleTrip to KL, Malaysia to play DOTA 2 for 3D2N in Sept 2018. We had our first batch of 10 TeleTrippers who went to KL Pantheon. We only had a simple goodie bag for each participants and simple prizes of customised winner tags. 

TeleTrip evolved into a full day offline gaming event as going overseas is not practical if we want more gamers to join us. We called this TeleTrip Express. Campuses eventually opened up for us where gamers bring their own devices, mobiles or notebooks, and we named this TeleTrip Campus. In 2020, we could not meet in person due to covid and we decided to play online, focusing on TeleMatch, which is a segment within TeleTrip

TeleTrip continues to run and grow because of the support of TeleTrippers. On top of that, we are also very thankful and appreciative of each organization and company who has come alongside to make TeleTrip better and more exciting. Below are the list of organisations and companies whom we want to thank sincerely for going on this crazy journey with us, even if it is for a season. 

Special Thanks To...

The Initiators of TeleTrip

Pauline Phoon

Founder/Managing Partner of SOOS OIO
Pauline Phoon is the founder of SOOS OIO LLP and COMEBACK PTE LTD. SOOS OIO LLP is a social enterprise that develops youth holistically through communities in our fast-evolving world. Pauline Phoon has been in the forefront of youth culture from a decade ago in Monsoon Productions Pte Ltd and Soulmanna Live Pte Ltd by first introducing the YouTube wave from the States into Asia Pacific, working with first generation Asian American YouTubers like David Choi, Ryan Higa, Wong Fu Productions, etc. Changes are inevitable and they come on us like swift waves. We might be swept off the surf board at some point, but we can always get back up and try again. The key is to ride these waves and enjoy the surf. Pauline co-authored an ebook titled “Understanding Games and Gamers” with Ruth Lim that is available for free download.

Ruth Lim

Esports Coach/ Events of SOOS OIO
Ruth is on staff with SOOS OIO as an Esports Coach and co-developed TeleTrip, an offline gaming community event. She conducts DOTA 2 foundational classes and workshops for Esports Academy under SCOGA and also teaches the module “Team Management” in Informatics Diploma for Esports and Game Design. Ruth Lim coached a competitive DOTA 2 team TenTwenty in 2017 that won CPL Championship DOTA 2 Edition 2017, came in 1st in Dew Challenge 2017 and represented Singapore in Asia Pacific Predator League in 2018. Ruth managed Team Impunity FIFA Online 3 who got 3rd in EA Champions Cup (EACC) Winter Cup 2016 representing Singapore. In 2017, she coached Team Impunity FIFA Online 3. Ruth graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with Diploma in Games & Entertainment Technology and SIT-University of Glasgow in Bachelors of Science with Honours in Computing Science. She also holds a CoachSG coaching certificate. Well recognized in the DOTA 2 community, Ruth attended numerous international gaming tournaments, got to know and learnt from many of the top players worldwide. Ruth hopes to share her knowledge and experience to gamers in Singapore and beyond.
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