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We run events like TeleMatch so that we can make new friends, or even find new team mates. It is most fun and meaningful to learn and grow together.


After trying to form a team for over 2 years, it has helped me change my perspective of a team compared to a group. Of course, only time will tell when I try to apply what I’ve learnt in real life applications in future but the workshop was beneficial. Although, I think it was really too short and more emphasis could have been on the learning / discussions / sharing during the trip.


TeleTrip KL - The Pantheon - DOTA 2 - 17-19 Sept 2018

I learned that there are differing ways of communication and leadership that can both be equally effective in different situations. I also learnt that having players with small hero pools really does restrict the draft a lot and that I need to expand mine to avoid this.


TeleTrip KL - The Pantheon - DOTA 2 - 17-19 Sept 2018

Was playing Dota 2 since 2013, never know that effective communication is one of the key that lead to winning. Although TeleTrip Express is only a day, I learnt that effective communication could be one of the key that lead to winning. By the end of the day, discussion over matches with pizza is one of the best things.


TeleTrip Express - Gam3.Asia - DOTA 2 - 24 Nov 2018

Despite being a relatively new player to DotA (since 2017), TeleTrip taught me many new things and also helped me discover new points that I can work on such as effective communication to be a better player. I also befriended many players through this platform that I can now play with online. Above it all, it was refreshing to experience such an exciting atmosphere that I thought I could only feel through watching The International 😀

Cassey "ReckLesS" Low

TeleTrip Campus - NUS – DOTA 2 – 9 Mar 2019

The teletrip was an amazing and fun platform for me to foster friendship and play with people regardless of what skill level they are in. Through this workshop, I learned to grow to become a better player be it individually or as a group because we learn to support, motivate and forgive each other even if we had bad games. Furthermore, I also want to thank Ruth for being a good host in organising and planning this event and really enjoyed myself. I hope there’s more these event, so we can keep the dota spirit alive.

Zhong Hua "Sibeibudget" Low

TeleTrip Campus - NUS – DOTA 2 – 9 Mar 2019

Before: I wasn’t sure if my roaming, farming and ganking was right when I was playing marksman and assassins. I was always sticking to the lane given and didn’t help my teammates. After: I learned a lot of new things about the teletrip class. I noticed that my farming was totally wrong but as Amos and ruth explained to me the proper way to farm and roam at the same time, I slowly improved my gameplay. Another thing I learn was to communicate with my team more as I am a very anti social person XDD BUT as time pass I started to communicate with my team and we manage to get the best teamwork award which was surprisingly exciting since we all started from idk who you are or you are a stranger I don’t wanna talk to you but ya we eventually talked to each other and I would like to thanks the team for helping me get the mvp player award as it was unexpected 😂 without teamwork there is no winning!

Dosen "χ.тαкєσ" Low

TeleTrip Campus - Informatics - Mobile Legends – 23 Mar 2019

During TeleTrip, I learnt that even though if one player on the team is extremely good , it is useless without teamwork and whereas a team with teamwork and communication can bring the team furthur as compared to a team without teamwork and communication. To me its important to trust my teammates as well

Axl "° вαиαиα °" Teo

TeleTrip Campus - Informatics - Mobile Legends – 23 Mar 2019

At first, I believed the people I’m going to meet on the TeleTrip might be very competitive individuals. However, when I walked into this TeleTrip, I realised that they’re really nice and easy-going people, and they’re even willing to teach and learn distinct roles and strategies from each other before the programme began.

Jia Cheng “ᴏɴᴍʏᴏ ˢᵗ” Chan

TeleTrip Campus - SUTD - Mobile Legends – 15 Jun 2019

Through this event, I have learnt more about the different roles and mechanics of the game, which also emphasized on teamwork more than every other thing. Due to the diverse age of my team members, we had problem communicating initially, and was losing match after match in the TeleMatch.

Ruth was very kind to stop by our table to cheer and motivate us and even provided strategies on how we could turn the tides against the opponent teams! 

Overall, I have enjoyed my time spent there, meeting new friends, learning more about the game that I loved playing, as well as understanding the importance of effective communications – which is lacking in the community nowadays.

Rocky “rockz” Yeo

TeleTrip Campus - SUTD - Mobile Legends – 15 Jun 2019

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