TeleMatch MLBB on Presidential Election Day!

TeleMatch MLBB on Presidential Election Day!

We had TeleMatch MLBB on Presidential Election Day! Registration opened before the announcement of the election day so it was good news for the players since it is a day off from work or school. It is also the last day of school for term 3 in Singapore. A very happening day indeed.

We had 14 teams of 78 players registered, some teams with 6 players. Team SoloQ is made up of individual registrants who formed their team 5 days before TeleMatch! All the teams played well, even though some matches were more difficult than others. It was a short evening of fun play with max 3 rounds per group since we did not want to end too late in the night.

Here are the winners!
Winning team: Team Tharman – 6 Aftershock Backpacks and 2000 diamonds total
Runner-up Team: Glukky daddy zhang – 1800 diamonds total
Best Teamwork: mode alfreeeee – 1200 diamonds total
MVP: Rein “Rein” Jeffric from Tunasan Warrior – 250 diamonds
Best Support: Kacy “ᴋᴀᴄʏʸʸ” from LastMinute – 250 diamonds
Most Spirited Team: Hell Nah

Well, the outcome of TeleMatch is aligned to our presidential elections results! 👍🏼😄

A big thank you to team mode alfreeeee who has so generously gifted their winning diamonds to Snowy and friends as an encouragement!

The livestream on Twitch had quite a lot of hiccups, where the music of the game was not audible. Big shoutout to “Blindspot” who tirelessly troubleshoot the livestream problem since 1 Sept afternoon around 2pm! This is his first time setting up livestream production in this manner even though he did have his livestream channel before. Also big shout out to “dino” who volunteered as a caster and helped out in many ways to the leading up of TeleMatch.

Have a great holidays for the students out there and also congratulations to our new president Mr Tharman! So much to celebrate.

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