Beyond Singapore at TeleMatch League of Legends – 26 Jun 2021

Beyond Singapore at TeleMatch League of Legends – 26 Jun 2021

Last Saturday, we concluded the TeleMatch League of Legends – 26 Jun 2021 with 26 registered teams. It was an amazing experience as we had players from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Bangladesh competing!

With every TeleMatch, it has always been our priority to provide as many players the experience of competitive play. It was challenging as we were previously limited by the number of marshals that were available to host the lobbies. To overcome this challenge, we decided to share the load of hosting the lobbies and sending the scoreboards to the teams.

Before the competition day, we held a briefing for the team captains to share more about the rules, lobby settings and where to send the scoreboards. Even though players were initially concerned about maintaining fairness in the games, they were eventually assured as we shared that TeleMatch is a community competition and for all players to display sportsmanship. Everyone had a role to play to make TeleMatch a fun experience through fair play. Of course, there were also rules enforced to ensure that fairness is maintained. 

It paid off as the teams coordinated with us on the game start times and helped out by sending the scoreboards in the right places. While determining the top 4 teams to proceed, there was a result that raised some concerns if fountain farming was at play. 

At TeleMatch, we want to make sure that it is a safe space for players to compete. Thus, any team caught fountain farming will be disqualified. After taking time to investigate by watching the replays and interviewing the teams involved, the scorers determined that there was no fountain farming even though it was questionable whether the team had intentionally farmed on the other team to gather enough kills to proceed to the top 4. With this, we reminded the teams that there is strictly no farming on opponents for kills and a disqualification will take place if caught.

We had Filippino players join us, both as a team and as stand-ins. As they normally play on the Phillipines server, they only had brand-new accounts on the Singapore server. After finding out about this situation, team captains from SyNapse and Bruv KEK, as well as Wah Yi, stepped out and were willing to lend their accounts to the Filippino players. Thankfully, Garena managed to provide temporary accounts for the players and everybody can continue having fun at TeleMatch!

We want to take the opportunity to thank our scorers Justin and Wah Yi for their keen observation in the scores and addressing concerns from the teams during TeleMatch. They were diligently updating the scores while taking up the role of admins to ensure that fair play is practiced.

Joining us at TeleMatch were the four community casters and we had one from Bangladesh and another from the U.S. Their excitement could be felt through the cast. Even though it was the first time casting for some of them, they did a good job casting and hosting TeleMatch!

Once again, thank you to the players for supporting TeleMatch and let us continue growing the League of Legends community together! Hope to see you at the next TeleMatch League of Legends ^-^


Here is the link to the VOD:

Prize Winners

Champions: Support Gap
Prize: 5000 RP per team
Martin “Skye02” Chen
Lydia “rocd” Ng
Benjamin “elysia” Teo
Ryan “Felis” Lim
Weibin “秋秋MooChow” Chua
Samuel “troglodyte” Pang

Best Teamwork: Team Noob (also Group 4 winner)
Prize: 3750 RP per team
Ivan “key to success” Chin
Sheldon “ithinkiproleh” Chew
Timothy “latelimitless” Lee
Ming Xuan “LP terrorist” Cheong
Lim “Kanaò” Chee Hong
Jerry “potato6969” Loh

Most Spirited Team: Bruv KEK
Prize: 2500 RP per Team
Luqman “Potati” Hakim
Jasmine “Pocati” Audrey
Min Thu “Asynchronous” Khant
Kenji “Grimex” Gan
Isaac “Gary the Snail” Lee

MVP: Kar Jin “IMHuman” Yam from For Fun Gamers
Prize: 500 RP

Best Support:
Kenneth “SQUIRRELS SP” Tan from SJY and Lynn “Takoyaki Sashimi” Yap from For Fun Gamers
Prize: 500 RP (Split between the two players)

Special Thanks

We would like to shoutout to:

  • Scorers Justin and Wah Yi
  • Community Casters Shafkat “Kiyasukei”, Jingkai “Lemonz”, Yun Hong “seraphine” and Maxwell “PhantomGG”
  • Twitch Chat Moderator Poh Jin

Event Details

Date: 26 June 2021 (Saturday)
Time: (GMT+8) 11.30AM to 6.30PM
Registration Deadline: 20 June 2021 (Sunday) 2359h
Location: Online

For more information: 

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