Keep On Your Toes: TeleTrip Campus JCU – Mobile Legends

Every TeleTrip is akin to a reunion dinner; reuniting with TeleTripers while getting to know new friends. This time, we had 30 players join us at TeleTrip Campus JCU – Mobile Legends on 30 Nov 2019. We are thankful to Mobile Legends once again for providing in-game diamonds to the players. All the players’ efforts are greatly appreciated for joining us and sharing about TeleTrip to your friends and gaming groups!

Getting Cosy

Players registered early in the morning and got to meet their new teammates for the day! No one could tell that it was their first time meeting each other from their conversations.

Fighting Neck-to-Neck

It was an intense day of play as every team was putting in their best effort towards victory. Like every TeleTrip, it was a round-robin best-of-two series. Many teams ended up drawing, making it difficult to predict which team was going to emerge as the winner.

It was amazing to see how every team adapted to the feedback and taking the initiative to discuss their plans ahead. It was common for players in each team to have a limited hero pool, which can be a challenge. To overcome this, the experienced players took up the responsibility to guide these players and even led them to victory! It was a joy to see how the players rise up to the challenge while having lots of fun together.

Well done to all six teams!

For those who want to know what’s the final score:

Prize Presentation and Pizza Party

We had five TeleTrip Campus winner tags for the winning team. We had additional prizes for the “Most Improvement Team”, “Best Teamwork”, “Most Spirited Team”, “MVP” and “Best Support” as well. The winning team received an Aftershock mouse each. “Best Teamwork” received Aftershock backpacks and “Most Improvement Team” received Aftershock mousepads.

Additional prizes:

  • TeleMatch winners received 500 diamonds per player
  • “Most Improvement Team” and “Best Teamwork” received 300 diamonds per player
  • “Most Spirited Team” received 120 diamonds per player
  • “MVP” and “Best Support” received 150 diamonds each
  • All participants did not go home empty-handed. Those who were not awarded prizes received 60 diamonds each.

A token of appreciation to our facilitators Freddy and Derrick, and also to the JCU e-gaming society president Zhi Chun.

We also managed to celebrate the birthdays of Joseph and Dosen. Wishing the November babies a happy and blessed birthday!

Irfan, our reigning fastest pizza eater at our first TeleTrip Campus Informatics – Mobile Legends, also initiated a pizza eating challenge! He managed to retain his title, this time at 44 seconds! Watch our Instastory to see how crazy the pizza-eating action was.

Thank Yous!

Thank you JCU for providing the venue for TeleTrip Campus! Appreciate the support from all our partners, Mobile Legends, AftershockPC and De Pastar in making this TeleTrip Campus possible. Shoutout to Freddy, Derrick and Zhi Chun for all the help. Last but not least, to the gamers who came and made TeleTrip such a fun and memorable day for all of us ^-^

Hope to see you at the next TeleTrip Campus!

Facebook Photo Album of TeleTrip Campus JCU Nov 2019:

Instastory of TeleTrip Campus JCU Nov 2019:

Details of TeleTrip Campus JCU Nov:

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