Hitting the 16-Team Mark at TeleMatch Valorant - Apr 2021

Hitting the 16-Team Mark at TeleMatch Valorant – Apr 2021

We are so thankful to have 16 teams joining us at TeleMatch Valorant – 10 Apr 2021! It is the most number of teams we had so far at a single TeleMatch! Another reason to be thankful is the cool prizes of mousepads and keyboards from our prize partner Aftershock.

There were many familiar players and teams who returned from the previous TeleMatch. It was encouraging to see the teams and stand-ins registering even though the prizes were not yet known to the players at that time. Greatly appreciate the community for sharing and inviting their friends to join us.

Leading towards TeleMatch Valorant, we had an issue of not having enough in-game marshals for every lobby. Instead of rejecting any team, we decided to gather the help of the team captains. Every team cooperated with us, by turning up on time and some captains even took the initiative to make sure that the scoreboard screenshots were sorted so that the marshals could update the scores easily.

It was amazing to see how each team took accountability and beyond to help out at TeleMatch. Speaking of helping out, one of the team captains volunteered as a marshal after realising that her team cannot participate in TeleMatch Valorant.

There were many nail-biting games, especially the opening game on the livestream between Broskis and Nom & Coms with the score ending at 11-13. Catch the games here on our twitch channel: twitch.tv/soosoio.

Prize Winners

Champions: Team Coxlong
Prize: 5 Oden Black Aftershock Mechanical Keyboard with brown switches
Alex “CXL fgod” Goh
Zhi Jun “Zeno” Er
Jeremy “CXL jehmey” Hwang
Jusen “CXL Acoric” Lee
Sakthivel “CXL Sakthief” Murthi
Norbin “CXL satoru gojo” Ngoh

Best Teamwork: Nom & Coms
Prize: 5 Aftershock Mousepads
Chang Feng “NomNom” Lee
Jun Ping “iLemonSoda” Wong
Kai Voon “Endrominus” Yeo
Jerome “JeromeBatman” Koh
Mohd “Bot” Daniel

Most Spirited Team: Underscore
Prize: 5 Aftershock Mousepads
Kenneth “AuReStyx” Lee
Jinglong “Blank” Wong
Yiming “ChickenFriRai” Thia
Amos “DoubleU” Huang
Jonathan “4xioM” Tan
LianKiat “Fenr” Ng

MVP: Cereal Killer’s Jevin “kAE” Chan
Prize: 1 Aftershock Mousepad

MVP: Dibidibabido’s Russel “eoZ” Tan
Prize: 1 Aftershock Mousepad

Special Thanks

We would like to shout out to:

  • AFTERSHOCK PC for their continuous support to the community.
  • In-game marshals Justin, Amanda, Weilong and Xing Yong for your commitment to delivering TeleMatch Valorant.
  • Caster Gino “Jesterin” for your entertaining cast
  • and all the players and viewers for being such a blessing to us.

Event Details:

Dates: 10 Apr 2021

Format: Round-Robin Best-of-1  for Group Stages and Single Elimination Best-of-1 for Semi and Finals

Registration Fee: Free

For more information: https://www.teletripgaming.com/events/telematch-valorant-10-apr-2021/

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