You are currently viewing TeleMatch Mobile Legends 515 – Celebrating 515 Together!

TeleMatch Mobile Legends 515 – Celebrating 515 Together!

It has been slightly more than a month ago since our biggest TeleMatch to celebrate Mobile Legend’s annual 515 on 15 May 2021! It was a fun-filled day with games and livestream activities for the community. All made possible with the support of our partner LiHO TEA, prize partner I’m Kim Korean BBQ and venue partners SportSingapore and Singapore Sports Hub.

It was surreal having over 300 players playing at a single time during the group stages. The players displayed their patience as they waited for the other teams to end their games and even sharing their appreciation for the event. It was a joy having them with us.

The games were casted by our community casters Mae “Scrubbycheeks”, Caleb “SleepingDumpling”, Yew Cheng and Yoke Cheng. They did a great job and FYI, it was their first time casting at an event! We were glad that TeleMatch was a platform for them to try casting and hope they enjoyed this experience.

There were also 28 players who volunteered to help out and act as in-game marshals. Even though it was most of their first time marshaling, we were very proud of them for their pro-activeness to help out and make sure that the players have a smooth game. Their hard work paid off as most of the games were on schedule. Looking forward to seeing them again, be it as marshals or players!

It is amazing how we could use games to gather and celebrate during uncertain times. Even though there were restrictions which did not allow us to meet up onsite, our spirits were kept high with all the adrenaline during the games.

We will continue to work hard to grow TeleMatch and provide this space for the community. Do support us and watch this space in the meantime ^-^.


Here are the links to the VODs of TeleMatch Mobile Legends 515.

Prize Winners

The extensive list of prize winners, lucky draw winners and livestream activity winners is available in the link below.

GGWP to all TeleMatch Mobile Legends 515 participants and congrats to all prize winners!
Below is the list of prize winners:
Grand Prize
10,000 diamonds, 5 S.T.U.N. Skins, $100 I’m Kim KBBQ Cash Voucher
2nd Place
7,500 diamonds per team
Follow TikTok
800 diamonds, 1 official MLBB Mug and $20 I’m Kim KBBQ Cash Voucher
OVERALL Best Support
800 diamonds, 1 official MLBB Mug and $20 I’m Kim KBBQ Cash Voucher
Update [Creed]Swaglious from S4I

Group Winner – 3000 diamonds per team
1: Empire
2: Chupapi
3: Imperial Athena
5: Team WHO
6: Yawn Can’t Retri
7: Imperial Wild
8: Imperial X

Group Best Teamwork – 2000 diamonds per team
1: Shrek is Love
2: 1+4HD
3: ʜᴀᴠᴏᴄs.
4: Checkmate
6: Hbd Living
7: (CNB) CrystalNoBan
8: Will be split between two teams – Sheesh and Fatty Gang

Group Most Spirited Team – 1000 diamonds per team
1: GDT
2. Team B
3: Heyheynotbad
4: Saturday Gang
5: Roovenger
6: RgPs
7: ᴇsᴘᴏʀᴛs
8: (Update) IcyV

Group MVP – 250 diamonds per player
1. Dapa46 from Imperial Kyojin
2. J u n ȥ from Nemesiȥ
4. SчnX from XtremeSus “
5. Xic. Crocodile Darats
6. 暗•|ᴅᴀʀᴋ from Kaedez
7. Winner is overall MVP
8. ᴀsᴛʀʀᴏ. from Johnson Main

Group Best Support – 250 diamonds per player
1. Bociliboy from Imperial Kyojin
2. вяαи∂σχиఌ from Nemesiȥ (Brandon)
3. sohbanana from simp4sy
4. Khufra from TotsugekiRaigeki
5. Cuppa. from Crocodile Darats
6. Syke from Kaedez
8. uR_MaMa from Play4Fun~

Here is the list of lucky draw winners:
TeleMatch Participants Lucky Draw
1. Esmeralda plushie: Xing Yong “APESHIT” Poh
2. Gusion Plushie: Lixiang “ᴸⁱˣⁱᵃⁿᵍ” Wong
3. Official MLBB T-shirt: Yeremia Juliarman “Yoss OKOKLH” Coblens
4. Official MLBB T-shirt: Muhammad “Bossrsl” Rasul
5. Official MLBB T-shirt: Donovan “Destiny” Phua

TeleMatch Party Exclusive Lucky Draw
1. Lunox Standee: Jun Jia “Destiny” Tan
2. Zilong Standee: Jevon “☆ ᴊᴇᴠ” Chee
3. MLBB Mug: Syaakir “Kir.” Idris
4. Kagura Standee: Jack “J@ck” LimTeleMatch Marshal

Exclusive Lucky Draw
1. MLBB M1 Worlds T-shirt: Joseph “Bandung Rose” Ng
2. MLBB M1 Worlds Lanyard: Marcus “Sayu” Koh

Most Supportive Viewers:
1. FizzyKage
2. Nancy Kusuma
3. Eldon Soh
4. Nasya Tatiana
5. Adam Balinzky
6. Stephanie Ang
7. Bryan Ang
8: Estheristic
9: Marcus Koh
10: De Quan

Trivia Winners:
1. Jurado Teo
2: Jurado Teo and Janice Chua
3. Aloy Li and Angela Sun
4. Chen Jia Hao and Red Gel

Special Thanks

Once again, shoutout to:

Event Details:

Date: 15 May 2021 (Saturday)

(GMT+8) 10AM to 6PM (TeleMatch Online)

TeleMatch: Online

Registration Deadline: 10 May 2021 (Monday) 2359h

Price: TeleMatch Online Individual Registration SGD2/pax
TeleMatch Online Team Registration: SGD10/team

For more information:

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