TeleTrip is a  gamers community event. It is a great opportunity to make new friends, or even find new team mates — to build community. From overseas trips, TeleTrip has evolved into primarily a one-day gaming community event with occasional trips to beyond the shores of Singapore. We love FUN and we believe FUN can be achieved while learning and growing together.

We are very thankful for the wonderful space in school campuses to run TeleTrips, which we call TeleTrip Campus. For the one-day gaming TeleTrips that are not within school campus, we name them TeleTrip Express as it is the shortened version of the full TeleTrip. TeleTrip Workshop is also developed for Social Emotional Learning within schools or educational institutes. In 2020, we could not meet in person due to covid and we decided to play online, focusing on TeleMatch, which is a segment within TeleTrip

We do not provide cash prize in the spirit that TeleTrip is a community event and having fun together is key. We do have prizes as an encouragement and celebration for teams and individuals. 

Components of TeleTrip


A 30-minute talk on Teamwork and Communication sets the foundation for the gameplay for TeleTrip where participants are allocated into teams by us!


TeleMatch makes up most of the time during TeleTrip. The teams work together to play better and improve as a team during this friendly match.

Team Coaching

After every game during TeleMatch, our facilitators will do a quick debrief with each team to help the team play better in the next game.

Pizza Party

TeleTrip ends off with a Pizza Party as a celebration where participants chatter non-stop about the gameplays in the day and everything else!

Types of TeleTrip

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TeleTrip is a gaming overseas trip outside of Singapore to game and/or game-related events.

TeleTrip Express is a full day event in a gaming venue or arena.

TeleTrip Campus is a full day event in a campus. TeleTrippers for PC Games bring your own laptops.

TeleTrip Workshop is a Social and Emotional Learning workshop for schools. Click for more info.

TeleMatch Logo

TeleMatch is an online full day community gaming event.

TeleTrip Game Titles

TeleTrips are organised based on game titles. Below are the TeleTrip game titles. We are working on adding more titles but it takes time to design a programme that works and fun for each game title. Keep a look out for updates by following our social media.