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The Inaugural Mobile Legends TeleTrip Campus

The Inaugural Mobile Legends TeleTrip Campus

There were many first times in TeleTrip Campus Informatics – Mobile Legends on 23 March 2019. It was our first time working with Informatics students to organise TeleTrip and to have Mobile Legends as the title game for TeleTrip. We are thankful to be part of the MLBB Esports For Everyone Project which allowed us to award in-game diamonds. We greatly appreciate the players who joined us so enthusiastically and share  TeleTrip to their friends!

Warming Up

Confirmed TeleTrip participants were added into a WhatsApp chat group a few days before TeleTrip to get to know each other. We love the energy of this group as we were pleasantly surprised to have almost 200+ messages within a span of thirty minutes! They were sharing their in-game profiles and even inviting each other for games. It was amazing to see how they interacted despite not knowing each other prior to this.

Like the previous TeleTrips, most of the players arrived early and had the chance to chat before TeleTalk started. It took some time for the players to introduce themselves as they were quite shy at the start, but proud that they were able to do it nonetheless.

After TeleTalk, the 30 players moved to their allocated teams and discussed their game plans before playing their warm-up matches. Most of the warm-up matches resulted in a one-sided win, which meant that the teams had a lot to discuss on what and how improve over lunch.

During TeleMatch, the teams were matched against teams that they had not played against during the warm-up games. The pressure increased and situations arose that tested a team’s teamwork and determination. It was definitely challenging but all the teams overcame them with lots of fun and joy!

Here are some lessons that were learnt from the teams’ experiences.

Overcoming Tough Situations with Positivity: Team 4

What do you do after your team suffers from a bad loss? Fight harder, of course! Despite Team 4’s collective effort to come up with an effective game plan earlier, they suffered a crushing lost during the warm-up game against Team 3.

It definitely affected the team’s morale slightly, but they focused on feedback and ways to improve their coordination to prepare for their first series against Team 2. When asked if they could win Team 2, they jokingly answered “yes” unanimously. With that, the team’s spirit lifted and they played with ease. They managed to win two games against Team 1 to proceed.

It was time for a rematch against Team 3. Again, the same question was asked, if they think they could win against Team 3. This time, they answered, “we will try our best”. There was definitely a shift in their mindset and how they communicated.

Although they ended losing two games to Team 3 again, this time the games were really close compared to the warm-up game. This loss motivated them to work harder after experiencing improvements and progress as a team.

Small Things That Matters: Team 5

Team 5 had players who were strong, but their lack of communication held the team back from performing. They tried changing up their roles but had no effect on their results.

We realised the experienced players were much older than the other players, which made it more convenient for the experienced players to communicate among themselves while the younger players shyly kept to themselves.

In order to create stronger bonds and accountability in the team, the team decided to change their in-game roles such that an experienced player would be paired with a younger player in a lane. Although the younger player did not play tank, he was willing to trust the team and go ahead with the plan. They also swapped positions such that the players in the same lane were sitting together to facilitate communication.

With this new arrangement, the team’s communication improved tremendously. The young teammate admitted that he had a low win rate in ranked games as a tank, which made him avoid playing tank ever since. He was surprised that his team won multiple games as he played tank. He was greatly motivated to try more roles now.

Team 5’s efforts paid off as they started winning their remaining games convincingly, which even earned them the prize of the “Best Improvement Team”.

Understanding is Key: Team 1

Team 1 started well with a great team morale, communication and even lots of laughter especially after winning their warm-up game. Everything looked great until their first series against Team 6, one of the stronger teams.

As Team 1 was playing their second game against Team 6, it was obvious that the team morale has dipped as they were not communicating and coordinating. They ended up losing both games.

Things got heated as they argued on how the game should be played and how some of them were not performing according to their roles. In order to resolve their differences, every teammate was encouraged to share their concerns instead of suppressing them.

Taking into consideration all team mate’s concerns, the solution was to manage their expectations of each other. Everybody was trying to win, but each’s approach was different due to different perspectives and experiences.

The team decided to regroup and work together for the remaining games. The change in their attitude towards each other was so great that they ended up winning the “Most Spirited Team”.

How every team overcame their problems was definitely inspiring. We could feel their hunger towards learning and improving. Great job teams!

Prize Presentation and Pizza Party

We had five TeleTrip Campus winner tags for the winning team. We had additional prizes for the “Most Improvement Team”, “Best Teamwork”, “Most Spirited Team”, “MVP” and “Best Support” as well. The winning team received an Aftershock mouse each. “Best Teamwork” received Aftershock mousepads and “Most Improvement Team” received Aftershock backpacks.

Additional prizes:

  • TeleMatch winners received 1000 diamonds per player
  • “Most Improvement Team” and “Best Teamwork” received 500 diamonds per player
  • “Most Spirited Team” received 200 diamonds per player
  • “MVP” and “Best Support” received 300 diamonds each
  • All participants do not go home empty-hand. Those who were not awarded prizes received 100 diamonds each.

This TeleTrip, we managed to have a “Fastest Pizza Eater” contest and most of the hungry boys quickly joined in!

It was a time full of laughter as they tried to finish the slice of pizza quickly. In order to prove that they have finished the pizza completely, they had to raise their hands and stick out their tongues while making sure nothing come out of their mouths.

Irfan ended up as the “Fastest Pizza Eater”, earning him 50 diamonds and bragging rights in our FPE Hall of Fame.

Even though TeleTrip has ended for over a week, the WhatsApp group chat is still going strong.  Till we meet and play again in person… meantime, online works too!


Dosen “χ.тαкєσ” LowBefore: I wasn’t sure if my roaming, farming and ganking was right when I was playing marksman and assassins. I was always sticking to the lane given and didn’t help my teammates. After: I learned a lot of new things about the teletrip class. I noticed that my farming was totally wrong but as Amos and ruth explained to me the proper way to farm and roam at the same time, I slowly improved my gameplay. Another thing I learn was to communicate with my team more as I am a very anti social person XDD BUT as time pass I started to communicate with my team and we manage to get the best teamwork award which was surprisingly exciting since we all started from idk who you are or you are a stranger I don’t wanna talk to you but ya we eventually talked to each other and I would like to thanks the team for helping me get the mvp player award as it was unexpected 😂 without teamwork there is no winning!Axl “° вαиαиα °” TeoDuring TeleTrip, I learnt that even though if one player on the team is extremely good , it is useless without teamwork and whereas a team with teamwork and communication can bring the team furthur as compared to a team without teamwork and communication. To me its important to trust my teammates as well.

Thank Yous!

Thank you Informatics Academy for providing the venue for TeleTrip Campus and the Event Management students for all the help. Appreciate the support from all our partners, MLBB Esports For Everyone Project, AftershockPCPEZZOKangaroo NutsSCOGAEsports Academy and NYC in making this TeleTrip Campus possible. Last but not least, to the gamers who came and made TeleTrip such a fun and memorable day for all of us. =)

Facebook Photo Album of TeleTrip Campus Informatics Mar 2019:

Instastory of TeleTrip Campus Informatics Mar 2019:

Details of TeleTrip Campus Informatics Mar 2019:

Videos of the Finals 

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First TeleTrip Campus NUS 2019 – DOTA 2

First TeleTrip Campus NUS 2019 - DOTA 2

We ran our first TeleTrip Campus at National University of Singapore’s Yusof Ishak House on 9 March 2019. Despite registration time being set earlier at 9.30am so that the players could set up their laptops for the games, they amazed us again by turning up earlier!

Taking Initiatives Together

Soon it was time for TeleTalk, our signature workshop which aligns the players through teamwork so that they are ready for play. Usually as an icebreaker, the players are encouraged to introduce themselves. It was surprisingly wonderful that the players took the initiative to walk to the front of the room before addressing themselves.

The players broke into their teams after TeleTalk, and Team 6 was incomplete, because their teammate was on the way from Johor Bahru! Instead of panicking or rushing him, they took the time to strategise while thinking about how to share all these information with him when he reaches. He managed to join them just in time for the warm-up match and lunch.

Win or Learn

The teams returned from lunch and found out their opponents for TeleMatch through a live draw. By a (strange) coincidence, they matched against the same opponents from the warm-up match again. This happened previously during TeleTrip Express, which amused the returning players.

The first match was slightly more tense as the winner of that game will proceed. After the match, the teams who lost were recommended to continue playing to work on their teamwork. For the teams that lost, most thought that they lost through draft or skill, but actually it was mainly due to lack of communication, which led to the lack of coordination.

For example, a player disabled the opponent before his teammates could reach and deal damage, resulting in the opponent fleeing without receiving any harm.

The teams diligently worked on their issues, to the extent that after every game, the two teams will discuss what each other could have done better through the replays.

The Importance of Communication: Team 5

Every team had a unique issue that they overcame during TeleTrip. In the case of communication and awareness, Team 5 struggled initially. It was to the point that it took the coach to realise that mid player was having a hotkey issue to suggest a pause. This incident caused the team to reflect and talk things out after the game. As a result, they committed to changing their roles, communicating and importantly to ask and not assume in the game.

It paid off in their third game against Team 1, when they were playing from behind with almost 20k gold difference, which meant that the opponent had a significantly higher killing potential. Despite the bleak situation, Team 5 pressed on and the moment came when they managed to catch the opponent’s mid player before pushing into the base and ending the game.

Embracing Changes: Team 6

Team 6 had a rough start as well, and nothing seemed to be going right with four consecutive losses. It was even more challenging considering that most of them had limited roles. Instead of giving up, the team continued to swap their roles so that everyone could have a chance to learn and experience each role. Surprisingly, their support player who believed that he could not play other roles, played mid very well, better than support.

With that attitude to learn and explore, they eventually ended up taking a game off Team 4, one of the stronger teams in TeleTrip.

Play on the Strengths, Complement the Weaknesses: Team 2

On the contrary, Team 2 had a strong start at TeleTrip. It definitely helped to have an experienced competitive teammate to lead and direct the team. However, it was still important to play according to the team’s strengths and they learnt this in the finals.

During the best-of-three finals against Team 3, Team 2 managed to win the first game after an hour but lost the second in half an hour. There was a deciding game next, but Team 2 seemed to remain focused on their defeat. They had a draft that looked good and should counter the opponents, yet lost so badly.

It turned out that during the second game, Team 2 indeed have a good draft, but they forgot that there were teammates who were not familiar with the heroes’ capabilities. There was a gap between the experienced and inexperienced teammates as the latter was already struggling to perform their roles at a high-stress game, let alone processing information about unfamiliar heroes.

After realising this issue, Team 2 restrategized and found a draft that is good for the team, with heroes that the team was familiar with. This time, the inexperienced teammates felt comfortable and the experienced teammates could focus on leading the movement instead of teaching about the heroes. After another nail-biting one-hour game, Team 2 managed to emerge as the winners of TeleMatch.

It was amazing to see how every team overcome their problems and not forgetting to help the other teams as well with feedback. The winning teams also voluntarily shook their opponent’s hands at the end, displaying sportsmanship. Awesome job teams!

Prize Presentation and Pizza Party

We had five TeleTrip Campus winner tags for the winning team and one “Best Support” tag. We had an additional prize for the “Best Survivor” as well. Every winner received a Sliver mousepad by Aftershock. Besides the winner tags and mousepads, the winning team brought home mouse and backpacks from Aftershock.

After a long day, it was finally time to say goodbye to the players. When everybody was about to leave after getting their goody bags (shoutout to Kangaroo Nuts), suddenly one of the players approached us to ask for a group photo. Thankfully, most of the players were still around and managed to get a group photo!

Again, there were many players who stayed back to talk more about the games but this time, they continued to stay as there was no closing time for the students’ lounge. Till we meet and play again in person… meantime, online works too!


View this post on Instagram

What would you do if it's the first time meeting your teammates and going against a team with a competitive player? Try until we succeed, of course! 💪🏻 . . . That was the exact situation that happened to Team 1 during TeleTrip Campus NUS – DOTA 2. Team 1 was set to play against Team 2 that has a competitive player. It can be daunting, especially knowing that a competitive player's experience could help a lot in providing a common direction and objective for the team. . Team 1 lost twice, with the latter game having a slightly worse result. Even though they were out of TeleMatch due to the loss, the team had a long discussion to find out what was the key issue. . The key issue was trying to play according to the trend without a plan, which resulted in a combination of heroes that don't work well together. While discussing, Team 1 realised that they had an opportunity to play against Team 2 again, and they were determined to overcome this issue by this game. . This time, Team 1 decided on a strategy that was based on protecting their team’s strengths and reducing their weaknesses, with simple-to-execute plans and heroes. This helped experienced teammates to focus on the team objectives and provide guidance while the less experienced could concentrate on their tasks and respond quickly. . Their determination paid off, and they took the game off Team 2 convincingly. What amazed us the most was immediately after that, they discussed with Team 2 on the areas to improve and ended by wishing them all the best for their finals. . Every TeleTrip is always a pleasant surprise, to see how gamers can actually step up as a team and overcome each game despite their ages or skill levels. Special thanks to @singaporecybersports, @aftershockpc, @pezzopizzasg and #kangaroonuts for supporting TeleTrip and making this possible 🥳. . Hope that you could join us on TeleTrip Campus Informatics – Mobile Legends on 23 March to experience this for yourself 😊! . More info and registration link in profile. It’s open to public 🔥🔥🔥! . . . #mobilelegends #sgig #singaporeinsiders#singapore #pizzaparty #teletrip #campus#mobilegamers #mobilegamer

A post shared by SOOS OIO (@soos.oio) on


Cassey “ReckLesS” LowDespite being a relatively new player to DotA (since 2017), TeleTrip taught me many new things and also helped me discover new points that I can work on such as effective communication to be a better player. I also befriended many players through this platform that I can now play with online. Above it all, it was refreshing to experience such an exciting atmosphere that I thought I could only feel through watching The International 😀Zhong Hua “Sibeibudget” LowThe teletrip was an amazing and fun platform for me to foster friendship and play with people regardless of what skill level they are in. Through this workshop, I learned to grow to become a better player be it individually or as a group because we learn to support, motivate and forgive each other even if we had bad games. Furthermore, I also want to thank Ruth for being a good host in organising and planning this event and really enjoyed myself. I hope there’s more these event, so we can keep the dota spirit alive.

Thank Yous!

Thank you National University of Singapore E-gaming Society for providing the venue for  TeleTrip Campus.  Appreciate the support from all our partners, AftershockPC, PEZZO, Kangaroo Nuts, SCOGAEsports Academy and NYC in making this TeleTrip Campus possible. Last but not least, to the gamers who came and made TeleTrip such a fun and memorable day for all of us. =)

Facebook Book Photo Album of TeleTrip Campus NUS 2019:

Instastory of TeleTrip Campus NUS 2019:

Details of TeleTrip Campus NUS 2019:

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First TeleTrip Express Singapore 2018

TeleTrip Express 2018 Group Photo
TeleTrip Express 2018 Group Photo

The first TeleTrip Express Singapore 2018 happened last Saturday on 24 Nov 2018. Excitment filled the air about 15min before 10am when players started streaming into Gam3.Asia. Sat mornings are not easy for gamers, as some of you might know. We are so encouraged and was determined to put in our best for the gamers who came.

We kicked off the day with the Teamwork TeleTalk by Ruth Lim (a.k.a. potatofluff). The TeleTalk gives the understanding and premise of teamwork for the TeleMatch that follows for the whole day.

From Strangers to Teams

At the start of Teletrip Express, most of the players were shy and afraid to share their thoughts and ideas. This was partly because many of them are strangers and partly because they felt they were not good enough.

During the breaks between games, the players were encouraged to contribute their perspectives as they might be a great value to their team. The most important thing is that they do their best and trust their team to have their backs.

Their progress within a day was astonishing. Even though the teams had players of different ages and skill gaps (from beginners to veterans), they were playing head-to-head and games were really intense and exciting. The youngest player (aged 14) stepped up, leading his older teammates to victory! Perhaps you can try to guess who is the 14-year-old player of the winning team from the photo below.

It was amazing to see how everyone opened up to each other, discussing strategies and encouraging each other. Everyone gave their input and the leaders provided their respective teams with good directions. This was a huge contrast to the initial first game they played which was full of uncertainty. Great job everyone!!

Prize Presentation and Pizza Party

We had five TeleTrip Express winner tags for the winning team as we did previously. This time round, instead “Rampage Achiever”, we gave an award to “Best Support”. Besides the winner tags, the winning team brought home the hand drawn postcards by Botjira and the high-treasured Dota 2 figurines. We also had three prizes: a SCOGA Esports T-shirt, a mousepad and a mouse for correct answers to a quiz.

It was hard to say goodbye so much so that the staff at Gam3.Asia had to “chase” us out so that they can clear and close the area. Appreciate your kind patience the staff at Gam3.Asia. Some continued to game at home till past midnight through Discord. Till we meet and play again in person… meantime, online works too!


View this post on Instagram

What would you do in a Bo3 series when it's the first time knowing and playing with your teammates against a cheese-strat team 🧀? . . . #FBF to #TeleTrip Express last November, I remembered Team 3 who had cheesy Warlock+Grimstroke+Global Ulti strat. I loved their enthusiasm and how they got so engrossed discussing cheesier strats to execute even though it's the first time they've met. . It was interesting to watch Team 3 against Team 1 because the latter's team was the total opposite: shy and unsure of their draft. Expectedly, Team 3 won in the practice and first Bo1 match. . During the break, I went over to Team 1 and asked about their situation. Immediately, I noticed that the player who is most comfortable playing carry was playing support instead, and immediately asked her about it. . She explained that she hasn't been playing DOTA for a long while and was afraid that she won't do a good job as a carry, knowing it's a resource-demanding role. . The team's response towards her confession was pleasantly encouraging and sweet. . Instead of blaming each other, the team refocused on what they could do and how to make each other comfortable. For example, the versatile teammate offered to swap roles so that she could play her comfort role while the mid player did his best to buy time for her to farm up and fight whenever she feels ready. The remaining two teammates took up the reporting role and made sure to respond whenever their carry was in trouble. It was really amazing watching them cover up each other's weaknesses with their own strengths. . Team 1 managed to make a comeback and win with a 2-1 score, proceeding to the finals of TeleMatch 💪🏻. The scoreboards of their three games are in the photos (Guess who's Team 1 and Team 3 XD) . Every TeleTrip is always a pleasant surprise, to see how gamers can actually step up as a team and overcome each game despite their ages or skill levels. . Hope that you could join us on TeleTrip Campus NUS on 9 March to experience this for yourself 😊! . . . More info and registration link in profile. It’s open to public! . . . #teletrip #teletripcampus #dota2 #singapore #sgig #campus #gaming #games #pizzaparty

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What would you do if it's your first time knowing each other and having one of the youngest and least experienced player in your team during a competition? . . . During #teletrip , I remembered Team 2 was quiet and tense during their practice match, as they were still trying to warm up to each other. It ended up with a loss and they knew they had to change the situation or risk the spot in the finals. . Remembering the need to align their goals as a team, they decided to focus on the specific objectives together. Instead of ignoring their youngest player, they encouraged him to focus on the one thing he was confident at, which was reporting the opponent's situation and position. . I remembered their second game, which was an intense one-hour long game. In order to have a higher chance of sieging the opponent's high ground, Team 2 knew that they had to obtain Roshan and Aegis. It was risky as the opponents had global skills to scout them out. . This was when their youngest player shared that the opponents might be nearby and decided to distract them by sacrificing himself so that the team could secure this objective. The rest trusted him and focused on their objectives. . While scouting, he managed to bump into the opponent's mid. Instead of running away, he focused on his objective to distract the enemy and pretended to be lost in the enemy's jungle. During the cat-and-mouse chase, not only did he manage to kill off the mid but also baited two other opponents to chase him. The team managed to secure the objective and that was one of the key factor in the victory of the game. . With team's encouragement and trust for each other, every player was empowered and Team 2 emerged as the winning team! . Every TeleTrip is always a pleasant surprise, to see how gamers can actually step up as a team and overcome each game despite their ages or skill levels. . Hope that you could join us on TeleTrip Campus NUS on 9 March to experience this for yourself! . . . More info and registration link in profile. It’s open to public! . . . #teletrip #teletripcampus #dota2 #singapore #sgig #campus #games #gaming #pizzaparty

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Thank Yous!

Thank you Gam3.Asia and your wonderful team for all the support before and throughout TeleTrip Express. Appreciate Botjira for the beautifully hand-drawn postcards as prizes for the winning team. Kelvin for helping out in many ways and for contribution to the winner prizes from your own collection. Douglas for so willing to help us. Appreciate the support from all our partners, PEZZO, SCOGA, Esports Academy and NYC in making this TeleTrip Express possible. Last but not least, to the gamers who came and made TeleTrip such a fun and memorable day for all of us. =)

Facebook Book Photo Album of TeleTrip Express 2018:

Instastory of TeleTrip Express 2018:

Details of TeleTrip Express 2018

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First TeleTrip KL – DOTA 2

First TeleTrip KL - DOTA 2

So we came back from Subang, KL Malaysia on Wed late night after 3 days 2 nights of Tele Trip KL – DOTA 2 at Pantheon, an esports center. We started off with a dream of DOTA 2 gamers coming together for trips that is all about DOTA 2. We imagined how fun it will be that everyone in the trip all plays DOTA 2 and thus it is an easy conversation starter where we can make new friends and play the game with people we otherwise would have never met before. So we decided to put out Tele Trip and see how many DOTA 2 players will respond. We were hoping for a minimum of 30 sign ups so that we can book a nice coach, but in the end we had 10 which is perfect for a nice mini bus. So we decided to go ahead. This almost insane idea became a reality for us this week.

Highlights of the First Tele Trip

From the feedback of our trippers, all of them love the DOTA 2 gameplay time they had and also the new friends they made through the trip. We had a bunch of Malaysian friends who came together as a team to come and play with us on the last day. It was great making new friends with Malaysian players! Both having fun playing and making new friends were the objectives of Tele Trip. We wanted gamers to enjoy playing the game together, rather than playing on your own in your own room at home. After some intense gaming, the meals together were key points of bonding where we continued to talk more about the gameplay before and discuss topics about DOTA 2.

Pantheon Esports Center was definitely a highlight for the gamers as it is not just a LAN cafe. Being able to play in the VIP rooms gave much motivation to them and they loved the experience of playing in a team within a private enclosed room. Just want to take this opportunity to thank Pantheon for their generous hospitality. When we had problems with our game accounts with the game server, they troubleshoot to make sure things work. The team switched 10 computers to run the game from hard disk instead of server to minimise the possibility of game interuption. Kudos to the Pantheon team who tirelessly help us beyond their call of duty!  The gamers took a break from DOTA 2 and tried Omni VR gaming as well which was great fun.

With playing together as one of the objectives of the Tele Trip, the mini workshop by Ruth Lim (Potatofluff) is about playing as a team. We split our 10 gamers into two teams, and not everyone in the team knew or played with each other on the same team before. The two teams worked towards the mini friendly match on the last day. The two teams played against each other and the winning Singapore team played against the Malaysian team.

The winning team got winner tags with limited edition DOTA 2 pins to remember their victory in this trip. None of the gamers went home empty handed as we had a goodie bag for each of them too. Each player got a limited edition DOTA 2 card which they had fun exchanging with one another for the characters they like in the goodie bag. On top of that they got a Tele Trip T-shirt, a cute portable speaker and notebook from Informatics and a Predator cap.


The chatter on our ride back from KL to Singapore was a lot more than the ride to KL. All the ten players got to know each other more and there seems to be endless topics and chats they can engage with each other. Through this, we know that the objective of making new friends is definitely achieved. We heard some of them continued playing with each other after the trip!

We were very proud of the players for their attitude and responses. We had problems with the server and some players had their gameplays being interupted several times, an issue which Pantheon had no control over. As frustrating as it can be, all of them did not lose their cool and was patient in working around the issues. The players were also patient to wait for each other so that they can play together. Not simply because this made things easier (of course we are absolutely thankful), but it demonstrated the players’ admirable character, values and priorities beyond gaming. All you trippers deserve a big pat on your back!

We kept the schedule rather loose for this trip as we were uncertain how the players will respond to a more structured and intense schedule. Based on the feedback, almost all is open to a more structured format. We took in the various feedback and will work them in for the next Tele Trip. Below is the FB Photo Album of the trip.

For Tele Trip’s Instastory, you can go to

For Tele Trip’s Facebook Photo Album, you can go to or view the photos below.