TeleMatch Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 5th Anniversary – 25 Sep 2021

TeleMatch Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 5th Anniversary - 25 Sep 2021


Are you looking for exciting ML games to play with your friends while earning a chance to win amazing prizes?

TeleMatch is back, and this time bigger than ever as we celebrate Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s 5th anniversary together with a prize pool of 90,000 diamonds and official MLBB merchandise!

By joining us at TeleMatch MLBB 5th Anniversary, you can experience the adrenaline rush of competitive play with your friends. You also stand a high chance of going home with a prize as there are diamonds to be won at the group stages. Didn’t get to win your matches? You still stand a chance to win an official MLBB Lapel Pin as all participants are guaranteed a slot in the lucky draw!

Not from Singapore? Not a problem as players from abroad is welcome to register!

To allow more teams to join TeleMatch, players will have to take an active role in starting the lobbies and sending the scoreboards. There will be a compulsory briefing for the players to know what to do during TeleMatch.

You can register individually as a stand-in. Stand-ins will be called when teams require a registered stand-in. Should there be enough stand-ins to form a team, the stand-ins can register the team here. The team will not be registered if the information is not submitted via the team registration form.

In order to run TeleMatch, your support is needed and greatly appreciated. For scorers and community casters, we will provide a token of 300 diamonds for helping us out. For more info as a scorer, please click here and for community casters, please click here instead.

Event Briefing

Date: 22 Sep 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: (GMT+8) 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Discord
Compulsory for each team’s captain and player 2

Event Details

Date: 25 Sep 2021 (Saturday)
Time: (GMT+8) 11.30AM to 8.00PM
Registration Deadline: 19 Sep 2021 (Sunday) 2359h

Group Stages: Best-of-1 Round Robin, maximum 6 teams in a group
(only the group winners may qualify to Quarter-Finals – see Rules below)
Quarter, Semi and Finals: Best-of-1 Single Elimination


Champion: 9,000 diamonds and 5 MLBB T-shirts per team
Runner-up: 6,000 diamonds and 5 MLBB Mugs per team
Overall MVP: 600 diamonds and 1 MLBB Lapel Pin
Overall Best Support: 600 diamonds and 1 MLBB Lapel Pin

Group Stage Prizes
Group Winner:
1,800 diamonds per team
Group Best Teamwork: 750 diamonds per team
Group Most Spirited:
500 diamonds per team
Group MVP:
150 diamonds
Group Best Support:
150 diamonds

For more information about how prizes can be won, please read the rules below.


TeleMatch MLBB 5th Anniversary will be livestreamed on TeleTrip.Gaming Facebook Page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about TeleMatch MLBB 5th Anniversary, feel free to contact us at TeleTrip.Gaming Facebook page.

Join us as a member of the MOBILE LEGENDS SOOS community for more updates on TeleTrips and TeleMatches!

TeleTrip.Gaming Facebook Page:
MOBILE LEGENDS SOOS Telegram channel: 

Registration Form

Please choose two players from the team who are savvy in creating lobbies and register them as Team Captain and Player 2.

Link to registration form:


Team Size & Lineup Info

  1. You can register as a team of 6 players (min. 3).
    • Up to 1 substitute player is allowed (sub).
    • Players, including sub, are only allowed to register for 1 team.
  2. If the team is incomplete, you can still register the team
    • You can continue to find players to complete the team. Remember to update the admins if you managed to do so
    • If your team needs a sub, a registered stand-in will be assigned to your team.
  3. Should the team need to replace a player, the team captain need to provide us with the replacement player’s name and IGN.
  4. The minimum number of players in a team to participate in TeleMatch is FOUR (4) but no handicap is given.
  5. Each player can only play for one team throughout this TeleMatch.
  6. There is no penalty when the 6th player plays in any of the games.


  1. Group Stage: Round-Robin Best-of-1 (BO1).
  2. The group winner is determined by the highest wins.
    • If there is a draw in the highest number of wins, we will compare the team kills between the teams.
  3. If there are more than 16 groups, 16 of the group winners with the highest team kills per game will proceed to the quarter finals
    • If there is a tie, we will break the tie by comparing the average game duration
    • To break the tie, the team with the shorter average game duration will proceed
  4. NO initiating a surrender vote since kills is counted.
  5. Quarter, Semi and Finals: Single-elimination Best-of-1 (BO1).
  6. Game Patch: Players will be updated on the hero bans (if any) that will be used during the briefing.

Player Conduct

  1. No all chat bm
    • Everyone’s here to make friends and have fun together.
  2. No grief play (e.g. fountain farming/ diving or intentionally prolonging the game to farm kills)
    • Teams caught doing so will be disqualified.
    • Admins has the final decision.
  3. No intentional feeding, unless it is part of the strategy.
  4. No surrender call.
  5. No change in IGN for all players.
  6. Please limit team names in IGN to three letters.
    • E.g. Apple.Player to Apl.Player
  7. No Observers from either teams, including stand-ins, allowed in the lobby.


  1. Team Captain to check in on discord 30 minutes before the game.
  2. Games may start earlier/ be delayed if the previous game has ended earlier/ not ended.
  3. If the team is 5 minutes late, the match will be forfeited (not the whole TeleMatch)
    • Please inform admin and wait for confirmation on match status before proceeding.
  4. Should a team forfeit a match (not turning up/ late), the opposing team will receive a win, 20 mins game duration, +15 team kills, with each player receiving +3 kills and +2 assists.
  5. If the winning team does not send the screenshot of the scoreboard containing the scores and game duration clearly, the scores will be recorded accordingly:
    • Game duration: 20 minutes
    • Losing team: Each player 1 kill 1 assist
    • Winning team: Each player 3 kills 2 assists

Score & Prizes

  1. No player can win more than one prize.
    • E.g. The champion team cannot win the other team and individual prizes
  2. Should a player qualify for two prizes, the higher-value prize will be awarded
    • Example 1: Overall MVP (600 diamonds + 1 Lapel Pin) and Group Best Support (150 diamonds)
    • The player will get Overall MVP and not Group Best Support
    • Example 2: Group Best Teamwork (150 diamonds/player)and Group Best Support (150 diamonds)
    • The player will get Group Best Teamwork and not Group Best Support
  3. Best Teamwork is awarded to the team with the most number of assists per game who did not receive another prize.
  4. Most Spirited Team is awarded to the team who attained the least number of wins and did not receive another prize.
    • If there is a tie in the least number of wins, the most number of kills will then be compared among the team that tied
    • The team must have played all the games in the group stages
  5. Overall MVP is awarded to the player who has the most kills per game and did not receive another prize.
  6. Overall Best Support is awarded to the player who has the most assists per game and did not receive another prize.
  7. Link to check the scores will be provided when TeleMatch starts.
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • Online
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