TeleMatch Call of Duty: Mobile – 19 Dec 2022

TeleMatch CODM 19 Dec 2022


Calling all Call of Duty: Mobile players! Join us for a day of fun, gaming, and building friendships at TeleMatch.

We’re all ready for some epic fun! Gather your friends and have a blast playing CODM!

Everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, we have something for everyone!

Event Details

Date: 19 Dec 2022
Time:  7:00pm-10;00pm, Singapore time (GMT +8)
Registration Deadline: 12 Dec 2022

Format: 5v5 Multiplayer (MP)
Modes:  Search & Destroy
Group Stages: Best-of-1 Round Robin
(only the group winners may qualify to Quarter-Finals – see Rules)
Semi and Finals: Best-of-1 Single Elimination

Event Briefing

Date: 15  Dec 2022 (Thurs)
Time: (GMT+8) 7:30 pm
Venue: Online Zoom Meeting
Compulsory for team captain. Highly encouraged to have at least 2 from each team to attend.

Registration Form:

Please choose two players from the team who are savvy in creating lobbies and register them as the Team Captain and Player 2.

Link to the registration form:

Please read the rules of TeleMatch Call of Duty: Mobile here.


TeleMatch Call of Duty: Mobile will be livestreamed on

Social Media Links

If you have any questions about TeleMatch CODM, feel free to contact us at our TeleTrip.Gaming Facebook page.

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Event FAQs

Who can join TeleMatch?

TeleMatch is open to all players of all ranks, from beginners to pro. The purpose is to have a fun time playing together. 

What is your tournament format?

Group Stage: Round-Robin

Semi & Finals: Single-Elimination

All games are Best-of-1 (BO1)

What scores do you collect?

For Team: Score of the team and also the duration of the game will be recorded.

For each individual Player: The Kills, Deaths, Assists and KDA will be recorded.

Can we change players after registration? Or what if one of the players cannot play on the day?

If you will like to change players, please cancel your prevous team registration with us. After you have cancelled your registration, you can put in a new registration with your new player. All these have to be done before the registration deadline.

If one of the players in your team is not able to play on the day of TeleMatch, the team can choose to contnue the match with one less player or have a stand-in from the individual registration, if available. Please note that the replacement player’s name will not be reflected in the tournament system, and will be playing under the absent registered player’s name.

How many teams will there be for the finals?

FOUR (4) Teams will get into the Semi-finals based on:

The top 4 highest average wins. This is calculated by total wins/ total games. We use average because some groups may have different no. of teams and thus play different no. of games during the group stage. 

If there is a draw, the highest average score will be considered.

What are the winners for TeleMatch Call of Duty: Mobile?

Champion Team - The team that won TeleMatch

Runner-up Team - The team that came in 2nd

Best Teamwork Team - The team that has the highest average assist score

MVP - the best KDA player

Best Support - Player with the highest assist

NOTE: No player will be awarded 2 titles. They will qualify for the higher title and the next team/player with the next highest score will qualify for the next title. 

Why do I need to attend the briefing?

All Team Captains are required to attend the TeleMatch briefing on Thursday before TeleMatch at 7.30pm. It will be good to at least have 2 representatives, including the captain, from the team to be present. The briefing will be held on Zoom. The schedule, groupings and all related information will be released during the briefing. Duties and administration required will also be explained so that TeleMatch can run smoothly.

How can I collect my physical prizes if I am not from Singapore?

For winners who are not from Singapore, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot ship them to you. If you have family or friends in Singapore who can collect on your behalf, we are happy to make arrangements with them.

Alternatively, our suggestion is that you can give the prize to another team/player in TeleMatch who lives in Singapore to encourage them.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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