#SGPlaysTogether DOTA 2 TeleMatch

#SGPlaysTogether TeleMatch DOTA May2020


Are you feeling a little restless this Covid Circuit Breaker?

Want some excitement and fun in playing DOTA 2 competitively with friends?

Join us at TeleMatch where you get to play against other teams and stand a chance to win cool prizes from SGPlaysTogether sponsors! Whether you are a casual or a veteran in DOTA 2, we encourage you to form your teams and experience competitive play! Prepare yourselves for the TeleMatch with the free 45min DOTA 2 Workshop with our Esports Coach Ruth Lim for some handy tips. Topics covered in the workshop are (1) Roles, (2) Basic Drafting and (3) Communication to help align your team on what each player needs to do and be clear about the game plan.

In TeleMatch, there will be prizes for not just the winning team. >_<

TeleMatch will be live streamed on SOOS OIO Twitch and TeleTrip Facebook Page by The Gym.


Teams will be separated into groups and go through a round robin, whereby the top 2 teams from each group will proceed to the semi-finals. Semi-finals will be done through single elimination.

Event Details:

DOTA 2 Workshop Date:
26 May 2020, Tue (8.00pm – 8.45pm)
TeleMatch Dates:

Group Stages: 30-31 May 2020 (12.00pm – 9.00pm)
Semi and Finals: 6-7 June 2020 (12.00pm – 5.00pm)
Registration Deadline:
27 May 2020, Wed

Slots are limited so don’t wait and register now!

TeleMatch Rules:

  1. Each player can only play for one team throughout this TeleMatch.
  2. There is no penalty when the 6th player plays in any of the games.
  3. Each team needs a minimum of THREE (3) Singaporeans/Singapore PRs to participate.
  4. Replacement of players outside of the 6 players registered are NOT allowed 12 hours before the game starts. The team captain needs to provide us with the replacement player’s name, IGN and nationality.
  5. The minimum number of players in a team to participate in TeleMatch is FOUR (4) but no handicap is given.
  6. The winning team is determined by the highest wins, followed by kills.
  7. Prizes of TeleMatch is handled by SGEA. SGEA will get in touch with the winning to provide the prizes.
  8. Prizes can only be claimed in Singapore.

DOTA 2 Community

If you want to connect with more DOTA 2 players, you can join our private Facebook Group DOTA 2 SOOS or on Discord.

SGPlayTogether Straits Times
Straits Times Article. 19 May 2020 (Mon)

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