TeleMatch Valorant before 2022 Ends

TeleMatch Valorant before 2022 Ends

TeleMatch Valorant had 221 players registered with 27 players registered as individuals, in 39 teams. Teams were happy to play, but some were disappointed when their opponents no show. Perhaps registered teams not showing up was one of the biggest challenges. Walk over victories do not provide as much satisfaction. The scoring system also went crazy which was working fine when we used it for some private TeleMatch runs. Sincere apologies to players for the confusion caused. Thus this TeleMatch winners have the additional titles of Honorary Champions and Honorary Runner-Ups. The teams continued to play the semis and finals even though there were some challenges in the scoring while we work on the rectifying the issue. The Honorary Prizes were for the teams who played all the games to the finals on 17 Dec 2022.

The Champion, Runner-Up, Best Teamwork, MVP and Best Support were awarded based on their group stage scores. The team with the highest average wins, highest average score, and shortest game time is the champion, following that is the runner-up. Best Teamwork is award to the team with the highest average assists. No winner is repeated in the winners list. For the individual prizes, MVP is the one with the highest average KDA and Best Support with the highest average assists, who are not from any of the team prizes. Every winner receives an AfterShock backpack. Congratulations to the following winners:

Champion: Team singles
Runner-up: Azalea Esports
Best Teamwork: not
MVP: Johnneth “ACT Eruam” Maure from Aspect Lunatics
Best Support: AJ “jireh” Manisan from KBW (Keyboard Warriors)
Amos “DoubleU” Huang from Whiffy Goons
France “엣지 Dozey” Estrella from Sacred Guardians
Honorary Champions: CAL Orion
Honorary Runner-Up: NTY Esports

For winners who are located outside of Singapore, the backpacks were donated to Tasek Jurong in time for the new school year for the students.

Huge thank you to our community casters Set @csetcabs and Jed @our_papa. This was the first time casting for Set and love how well they do. You can watch the Livestream Video:

Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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