Homecoming at TeleMatch Valorant - 2 Apr 2022

Homecoming at TeleMatch Valorant – 2 Apr 2022

Our first TeleMatch Valorant for 2022 concluded last Saturday with 27 registered teams from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia!

Returning Players and… TeleMatch DOTA 2 players?

This TeleMatch felt like a homecoming party as we have returning teams and past winners from our previous TeleMatch coming back to compete. Surprisingly, we even have players from our TeleMatch DOTA 2 trying out their first TeleMatch Valorant with us this time and even won the game on the livestream!

Initially started as a fun way for players to compete, it is amazing to see how many players have used TeleMatch as a fun challenge and even a way to make friends!

Shoutout to Team Cuck for trying their best to defend their title. Also shoutout to Ashton “AlreadySilence” who used to play under Team Hide in Smoke and decided to join this TeleMatch individually to make more friends and also to create content!

Making a #COMEBACK

Despite having players of all ranks joining us, we were amazed to see the high level of games at TeleMatch. It was difficult to differentiate the players as the teams were mostly playing neck-to-neck. Quoting what our community caster Ismario said, “even though we can see everything as casters, we also cannot keep up with the players!”

We got to witness team Snorlax Legion making a comeback in their first livestreamed game and heading all the way to the finals. TenaciouS also put up a great fight and even got an Ace when playing from behind. The number of “clutch” games were numerous and we can only wonder how they perform under pressure.

Dedicated Scorers

Would also like to take this moment to thank our four scorers for making TeleMatch Valorant run so smoothly! Not only did they manage the players and update the scores, but they also took the time to moderate the livestream and also stayed in the voice channels to ensure fair play amongst the livestreamed teams. Thank you for putting your all for the players!

Missed out on the action? Relive the amazing games here.

Group Winners:
Group 1 Winner: penguinz
Group 2 Winner: Team Cuck
Group 3 Winner: TenaciouS
Group 4 Winner: Snorlax Legion
Group 5 Winner: Various Xtreme Venom

Runner-Up Team: Snorlax Legion
Zhan Xun “SL TheRealGMBen”
Donovan “SL crème “
Muhd Syazri “deSoLate “
Gaius “gummydragon9”
Muhd Arizwan”IoN”
Jonas “你好牛啊”

Prize Winners

Champions: Team Cuck
Prize: 5 limited VALORANT swag packs and 5 Aftershock BLACKOUT Tactical Backpacks.
Venneth “inf”
Gabriel “gabu”
Wayne “I love Esther”
Esmonde “FakeIGN”
Famous “FlashFam”
Satish “Mizern”

Best Teamwork: JordySG
Prize: 5 Aftershock BLACKOUT Tactical Backpacks.
Marcus “SnowFox”
Arthur “LazerCamMan”
Bryant “LittleBilly”
Jeron “simprui”
Aaron “Killzy”
Lucas “ZeusMeister”

Most Spirited Team: NaCl
Prize: 5 Aftershock Mice
Anwarul Mujahid “NaCl d1sgr4c3”
Ahmad Naqib “Naqssss”
Wei Yang “ShibaInu”
Zachary “Fullscape”
Sean “Yun”
Ahmad Yusuf “NaCl Ryu”

MVP: Muhd Arizwan “IoN” from Snorlax
Prize: 1 Aftershock Mousepad

Best Support: Javier “TNS Cozyy ” Chua
Prize: 1 Aftershock Mousepad

Special Thanks

We would like to shout out to:

  • AFTERSHOCK PC for their continuous support to the community and definitely for the cool backpacks,
  • Scorers Wah Yi, Joseph, Vicki and Phantom for your commitment to delivering TeleMatch Valorant,
  • Community Casters Leroy “CptMuse”, Ismael “Ismario” and Aliff “fentofu” for providing such an amazing cast,
  • Fazrizul and Austin for moderating and getting the Valorant SOOS Discord server ready for use,
  • and all you players and viewers who joined us!

Event Details

Dates: 2 Apr 2022

Format: Round-Robin Best-of-1  for Group Stages and Single Elimination Best-of-1 for Quarter, Semi and Finals

Registration Fee: Free

For more information: https://www.teletripgaming.com/events/telematch-valorant-2-apr-2022/

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