Team SOOS - Our Esports Team

Team SOOS – Our Esports Team

We can’t believe that it has been almost a year since we ran nine TeleMatches across four game titles in a year. For those who are new to TeleMatch, it is an online community competition for casual players. There have been so many questions about our community events… Why TeleTrip and/or TeleMatch? What do we gain out of this?

It has always been in our hearts to build a positive and healthy gaming community, where gamers can be friends beyond the games. With all these interactions, we also hope that players get to interact and play with each other and who knows, many competitive teams might emerge from this. This journey is challenging but worth a shot.

An opportunity arose when we received a chance to represent Singapore for 2021 PREDATOR LEAGUE DOTA 2. Besides the honour of being our country’s representatives, it was also an opportunity to play against the top teams in Southeast Asia to learn and grow together. We decided to call out to the players from the DOTA 2 SOOS community.

We managed to gather a team of six players in less than 24 hours just 2 weeks before our first match today. Interestingly, five out of six of the players have participated in TeleMatch before and not everybody knew each other. After getting to know their teammates, they got down to business and played together under the name “Team SOOS”. Here are the players:

  • Samuel “Sequinox” Chan
  • Chen Kai “desole” Leow
  • Joel “j dog” Liew
  • Jonathan “Jonch” Chua
  • Jonathan “ticky tack” Lee
  • Edwin “mach1ne” Toh 

Even though the lead time towards the tournament is short, it was amazing to see how each player put in the effort to improve towards it. Some even took the initiative to play together beyond training time. To also see how appreciative the players were towards the opportunity to represent the country was a huge encouragement to us.

We really hope the team gains lots of experience and friendships through this tournament, like how TeleMatch has been for the players. No matter the results, we would like to give our sincere thanks to the players who rose up to the occasion. Also, please cheer for them as they play!

Having a Singaporean team to represent our country in esports is a dream that seems really far away and we are so glad that we have started this first step. We really hope that this will encourage all the Singaporean players who want to work towards winning a championship to take the leap of faith and try out playing competitive, even if it means facing a tough opponent at the start.

If you and/or your team would like to join us as Team SOOS, check if you have met the requirements and contact us!


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