Our First TeleMatch League of Legends

Our First TeleMatch League of Legends

Coincidentally on the same start date of the Worlds 2020 Main Event, our first TeleMatch League of Legends for casual players was organised on 3 October 2020. Appreciate our prize partner Aftershock for the support.

We had 10 teams of all ranks gathered and playing their hearts out at TeleMatch League of Legends. It was amazing to see the teams showing sportsmanship after the game, calling GGWP after the games and wishing the opposing teams all the best for their next! Friendships were even forged as we heard that some of the teams stayed in contact to play more games of League of Legends (or Among Us) after TeleMatch.

To make sure that TeleMatch runs without a hitch, we had the facilitators and caster who volunteered to thank. This time, we even had a facilitator helping us out all the way from Australia! As TeleMatch is a community-initiative, we welcome volunteers to help out be it as a facilitator, caster or livestream production assistant. Feel free to register as a volunteer to help out here!


Congratulations to all the teams at TeleMatch League of Legends!

Here are the results of TeleMatch:

1st Place: First Round Out
Prize: 5 Ezreal Pulsefire Action Figures, 5 Aftershock M1 Gaming Mouse and 3000 RP per player (up to 5 team members)
Leong Jie “IceDestiny” Tay
Jin “xzz” Lin
Dominic “TeacherAry” Loh
Jia Xuan “屁股大便” Tan
Timothy “Ciela” Lim

2nd Place: hm?
Prize: 5 Tryndamere Action Figures, 5 Aftershock Backpacks and 2000 RP per player (up to 5 team members)
Kwang Wei “Squirrel” Tan
Kai Jie “Dust” Koh
Irfan “Phrozen” Selamat
Ting Yi “BornThisWay7” Ong
Kenneth “Dust lol moment” Tan
Darren “smiling” How

Best Teamwork:  Immunity
Prize: 5 Tryndamere Action Figures and 1500 RP per player (up to 5 team members)
Irwin Ng “IMT Axioty” ZiXiang
Ivan “IMT Refuge” Wong
Joshua “IMT Sojun”
Jia Wei “Part of Me”
xu “IMT Xuxiu” xiuyi
Alex “Cuddle”

Most Spirited Team: Synapse
Prize: 5 Aftershock Sliver Mousepad
Winston “Blitzcanon” Ngoui
Christopher “MayuriChris” Yong
Keith “KurumiPls” Lee
Fyodor “Dr33my” Lee
Raphael Michael “RufflesXD” Gabriel
Shaikh Mohamed “CHALLENGEDPLAYER” Irfan

MVP:  Rui Xiang “AngeldiotCrutch” Ng from Veracent
Prize: 1000 RP

Best Support: Charlene “Not frog” Teo from StayFatGuys
Prize: 1000 RP

Special Thanks

We would like to shoutout to:

  • Our prize partner Aftershock for providing the prizes.
  • Facilitators Poh Jin, Justin, Hakim and Jasmine for volunteering their time and efforts to make sure the event ran smoothly
  • Caster Gino “Jesterin” Lim for providing such an entertaining and informative cast
  • and of course to our participants and viewers for supporting TeleMatch

Event Details:

Dates: 3 October 2020

Format: Round-Robin Best-of-1 for Group Stages and Single Elimination Best-of-1 for Semi and Finals

Registration Fee: Free of Charge

For more information: https://www.teletripgaming.com/events/telematch-league-of-legends-3-oct-2020/

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